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Men and women in XXIst Century



The change in female mentality is a unjustly neglected revolution of the 20th century. The operation of the sociocultural environment and the related systems and institutions /surroundings, have completely changed. The expansion of division of labour, rights, education, carrier opportunities caused/resulted in an even approaching female and male mentality. The following of the new mentality models has become a true significant factor, which led to the reorganisation living conditions, as well.

Today's societies are mostly formed by masculine or feminine minded people irrespective to their biological genders. Most of the masculine and feminine minded people are creating masculine or feminine kind of society, in which masculine and feminine behavioural forms are followed by men and women. In this case the division mark is NOT necessarily the gender of a person, instead the individuals, according to their cultural environment, adapt to the masculine or feminine pattern created by the community.

Which women (and men) are intermentality?

The intermentality are not just feminists property, what catching up men' studies, and try to control the equal opportunities for women. (Feminists reached the partly goal, so today man and woman has the same rights - law, roles in public life, family life, education, emancipation, career opportunities, etc.)

In feminine cultures men are living and also making decisions according to the generally accepted feminine kind of life whereas in masculine culture, the women are doing the same but with masculine features. To them - since they have been following this model - these are the natural patterns. It will give rise to the fact that the individual, according to the habits and mentalities of the global society, will orientate to the given (mental) character and is going to be masculine or feminine in their mentality system.

If the starting point is based upon the Cultural Dimensions theory of Gert Hofstede, it can be declared, that masculine men that with respect to their mentality, masculine women, feminine women and feminine men exist in societies.

Intermentality live

Accordingly the pluralizm of complex social roles requires parallely exisiting identities composed of multiple roles, in which the displacement of women is more evident/obvious (after thousand of years of one-sided subordination) than men's. These multiple feminine roles are the followings:

- worker, - consumer, - partner, -housewife, - mother

Such multiple conformity led to a change in feminine habits. Scientifically speaking, these habits do not only contain mental elements, the important segment of this change is the individual thinking, the personal mentality.

The change in mentalities is often the consequence of the change in living conditions, and these modells, forming part of social mind and generated by objective differences are going to function after a while as a lifestyle.

The personally interiorised schemes start to create their own mentalities and determine the cognitive systems of people who are living in the same social circles dealing with the same social of problems. Since the conditions of building a career are more or less given to both genders, women, leaving behind their previous pattern following habit, and in the interest of their career are forced to change their mentality.

And the only way to perform this is to adopt the qualities traditionally considered as masculine and techniques, and as a matter of fact they are going to move their own mentality towards the traditionally accepted masculine mentality.

But what is intermentality?

Since some step have been already made towards the other direction by women, but the end has not been reached yet, they will be stuck in 'liminality' namely: in the status of intermentality. With the appearance of intermentality a lot of crucial theoretical and technical phenomena will be manifested:

Intermentality is such a changed behavioral form, in which the tradaitionally expected mentaily of a person is going to be displaced and starts growing into the other, non-traditionally accepted mentality. This definition, of course, can be valid to men, as well.

At the beginning of the 21st century the traditional/stereotypical masculine and feminine features/qualities are not sharply separated from each other any more, and the overlaps may not only appear on technical but also on theoretical level.
At the same time it is important to note that, women who arrived into an intermental status are sexually healthy, deviance is uncharacteristic in their case, alltogether they have only awaken to self-awareness, and instead of following the traditional, gender-based expectations and tasks they would like to pursue the generally determined personal values.

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